Privacy Policy


We will store your personal data and will not share it with anyone. This privacy policy applies to any xsight service offered by xsight ("xsight"). Xsight is committed to providing a personal and secure experience while using xsight services. The following privacy policy will help you to understand how xsight will keep your personal information as good as possible. This Policy may change from time to time so please check this policy occasionally to view revisions and updates. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the xsight information summarized in this xsight privacy policy, please send an email, subject to the title "Xsight Privacy Policy Question," in In the email, please state your question or concern. In addition, more detailed information is required to explain this xsight privacy. This promulgation can be found on this xsight website at

Pengumpulan Informasi

Informasi yang dikumpulkan oleh xsight memiliki beberapa cara. Selama proses pemesanan, xsight meminta informasi seperti nama, alamat, informasi rekening dan lainnya. Setelah Anda mengirimkan informasi ini, Anda akan didaftarkan ke xsight. Anda juga dapat meminta informasi pribadi ketika Anda menambahkan sebagai Pengguna atau User baru, melaporkan masalah dengan xsight, atau jika Anda sebaliknya menghubungi xsight. Ketika API Anda diakses melalui server xsight kami secara otomatis menyimpan data tersebut pada server kami. Log server ini dapat mencakup informasi seperti permintaan web, alamat Internet Protocol, tanggal dan waktu permintaan Anda. Kebijakan Privasi xsight ini berlaku untuk pengumpulan informasi data di website xsight dan layanan (tetapi perjanjian yang mendasari untuk layanan, mungkin berisi persyaratan tambahan, dan akan mengalami perubahan sewaktu-waktu). Website ini mungkin berisi link ke situs lain. Perlu diketahui bahwa xsight tidak memiliki kontrol atau keterkaitan atas privasi dari situs lain tersebut. Xsight mendorong pengguna xsight untuk menyadari ketika mereka meninggalkan situs xsight dan membaca Kebijakan Privasi dari setiap website yang mereka kunjungi.

Use of Information

Xsight's primary purpose of collecting and storing personal information is to make sure xsight matches your preferences. Better information complements xsight to provide the services and products you expect from xsight. xsight may also use some information for marketing purposes. For example, xsight may use the information you provide to contact you, further discuss your interest in xsight and send information to xsight, such as information about promotions or other announcements. xsight may also use it for business purposes, data and information related to xsight products and services in anonymous format.

Options About Collection, Use of Information

If you are not interested in receiving offers or information from xsight, notify us through our email addressed, and xsight will remove you from the distribution list. And only xsight will send this email to the customer.

Information Collection and Sharing

When you're on the xsight website and requesting personal information, you share information with just us (xsight). Xsight will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your personal information stored on xsight to third parties. Xsight will not disclose your personal information, except when xsight has permission or under special circumstances. Xsight may also provide account information in special cases when we have reason to believe that providing this information is necessary to identify, contact and execute legal action against someone who may be causing interference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) xsight's right, as other users of xsight, or any other party that may be harmed by such activity. Xsight allows the use of non-personal information to determine how you want to know about us (xsight), and for your own benefit.


Cookies "cookies" are small files that are sent to your Web browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. xsight may use cookies to collect information about you and the use of our site so that we may enhance your experience in the use of xsight. Generally, we may use xsight in connection on our site for security purposes.

Correcting Information Collected

You have the right to repair or update any personal information collected about you on the xsight website. To correct or update personal information, send an email, subject to the title "True / Update Personal Information" on