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SMS One Time Password (OTP) API menyediakan metode otentikasi keamanan pengguna melalui SMS ke ponsel pribadi client.



The followings are steps you have to follow to use and integrate your service with xsight APIs:

1. Create xsight Account Register

Once successful, check your email that has been used in the registration form earlier and click the sent URL to activate your account.

2. Login with you new xsight account After successful activation, you can login to xsight using your email as username.

3. Subscribe and choose API package Once inside xsight, you can start with selecting API to be used. In this instruction we use SMS Notification API


IDR Free

IDR Free
0% Off


IDR 43000

IDR 57333
25% Off

100 SMS

IDR 395000

IDR 526666
25% Off

1000 SMS

IDR 1960000

IDR 2613333
25% Off

5000 SMS

IDR 3900000

IDR 5200000
25% Off

10000 SMS